Interview (or) Assessment Help

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Initially, There will be a Screening Call to discuss about
    • Proxy Experience and Skills.
    • Job Description and Timings
    • Way of Connectivity in Interview/Test 
  2. After the Screening call, You have to do the payment in order to proceed further.
  3. A Co-ordinator from our team will co-ordinate with you for the Interview/Test Process.
  4. Once the Payment is received, it is Non-Refundable.
  5. If the Proxy did not respond at the time of Interview –“You will be going to Compensate it in the Next Interview”
  6. If you inform us within an hour of Interview Time saying that the Interview cancelled/rescheduled, then “50% of the payment will be Consider and remaining will be use for Next Interview ”.
  7. If the Interview is not cleared because of Proxy Performance, then we will  “compensate it by doing the Next Interview with Free of Cost”
    • Note:- If and Only if, “Proof of mail From Interviewer” .
  8. If the Interview is not Cleared, Due to below reasons, then there is No compensation.
    • Caught in call
    • Connectivity issue from your end
    • Interview Questions are Out of the mentioned Job Description