On Job Support

Terms and Conditions

Regarding Payment:

  • Once the Payment is received, it is Non-Refundable. Whether
    • You may be Resigned
    • Or lose the job (If you do not manage, Even though the support helps)
    • Or the project gets terminated.
  • Once support Starts working with you, that date will be consider as the start date
  • If Paid in 1 Installment then one fixed date in monthly support
    • Start Date-X date; Payment Dates will be Upcoming X-1 date
    • Example-1:Start date is 10th ;Payment date will be 9th of next month
  • If paid in Two Installments then Two fixed Payment dates in Monthly support i.e.
    • Start Date-X date-Payment dates:,X-1(+/-) 15,X-1(A Date won’t be 31,= or <30)
    • Example-1: start date is 5th date-Payment dates will be Upcoming 19,4 dates
    • Example-2:Start date is 17th date-Payment dates will be Upcoming 1,16 dates
  • Payment dates Extends if and only if Support person not Available
  • If you don’t want to renewal the support, inform us before a week.
  • We will remind you before 2 days for Renewal. After the completion of Renewal date, if the Payment is not received, then Support going to stop.

 In Process:

  • You can start the Support by Join in Google Space with Your Gmail id
  • Be available on Committed Support Hours
  • Communicate in Google space Only ,No Personal Windows
  • Maintain a Good and Healthy Relationship with the Support, because they work with you not work for you.
  • Co-operate with the Support as they are available for only weekdays (5 days).
  • Once Support Started it won’t be pause or restart. Each and Every day will be counted, whether you connect or not (Unless if the trainer is not available).
  • We will stop the services immediately.
    • If you share any personal Information like email, contact, or any social media profiles
    • If you try to misbehave with the Support
  • If the trainer is not connecting for 3 days consecutively, inform us immediately. Otherwise, we are not responsible for the consequences.
  • If you feels Support is not taking responsible or Not finishing task on time ,immediatedly inform to our team .we will replace ASAP
  • If No concern Raising from your End ,we will consider it as Support is going well