On Job Support

Terms and Conditions


  • Arrange a Demo with the Consultant to know the details about
    • Project and its Architecture
    • Mandatory skills to support
    • Daily connecting Timings
  • You need to perform a Task in demo
    • To make confident on Your Technical skills
    • To Help the client to take the decision to start
  • Maximum -2 Demos. After the client is agreed to start the support, those sessions will be taken into consideration.
  • Once the Confirmation comes, our Team will Co-ordinate for “Google Space” Creation Due to the Security reasons and Also assign you
    • Zoom/ WebEx Credentials to Use for daily Sessions
    • G-mail ID Credentials to send (or) Receive necessary files through the mail
  • Weekends are Optional. You may connect, if there is an Urgency for the client.

Payments T&C:

  • No advance Payments“. We will process the Payment in Two Installments as Next day for Every 15days Once
  • Payment will Release If and Only if-“Till Payment Date Time Sheet Updated ”
  • No payment”  When
    • If you Drop Middle of Support
    • If Not taking Responsibility in finishing or Progressing the Tasks
    • If Client not Satisfied with Support within 1 week of start date

Updates in Google Space:

  • After the completion of the session 
    • If Connected-‘Today Session is Completed, Connected Timings- X Hrs.’
  • If you have not Connected,
    • If the consultant is not available-Update as ‘I am Available ,but the consultant is not available for the Session’
    • If there is No Work to connect-Update as ‘There is No work ,that’s Why We didn’t Connected
    • If you are not available-Update as ‘I am Not Available ,due to Xx Reason’(If you are not available for any of week day session, you have to compensate it on weekends)
  • If you are not available for the long term, inform us before a week.

Don’t Dos:

  • Don’t share any personal Information
    • E-mail
    • Contact
    • Any social media profiles.
  • If you share Any Personal Details, we are not at all Responsible for any Future consequences
  • Also we will stop the payment immediately and you will be Permanently Banned from Future Supports.